Missing Indiana woman found dead near where two teenage girls were murdered while hiking last month

Jacqueline Watts, 33, was found dead on a sandbar near Flatrock River on Saturday morning, and her car was found near a wooded area just hours after she was supposed to fly with her husband to Washington, D.C.

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Watts reportedly dropped her pet rabbit and dogs off at her parents' house but never returned home, where she was supposed to meet her husband before heading to the airport Friday afternoon. Police discovered her car still running with the passenger door open about an hour outside of Indianapolis. The vehicle's flashers were on and inside were her purse and cellphone.

Jacqueline Watts
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Jacqueline Watts
#BREAKING: Columbus police searching for missing woman: 33-year-old Jacqueline Watts. Details:… https://t.co/yQDVn8SyN0
BREAKING: Bartholomew Co. Coroner says Jackie Watts died from accidental drowning, pending toxicology results: https://t.co/ztYrxecVJu
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Police say Jacqueline Watts' vehicle was towed away. Now have k9's and a helicopter aiding in the search. https://t.co/Czj7AJPpyn
Missing Person: Jacqueline Watts, 33 y/o, 5'5" 110lbs blond hair and brown eyes. Last seen wearing black pants and… https://t.co/iCO496xemr
Police say Jacqueline Watts was dropping off pets to family in the area where her body was found.… https://t.co/zRfLxiwB0L
Police say they don't yet know how Jackie Watts died, active investigation ongoing. https://t.co/U00YZF3Vxs
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More than 10 police and squad cars just arrived back on scene where #JackieWatts car was found (Riverside Dr.) https://t.co/sPFcXahkuw
#JackieWatts is MISSING. Pls RT! Family says car abandoned in CBUS after dropping off pets at parents ahead of flig… https://t.co/V9zA203xxC

The investigation into her death is ongoing, and her cause of death is still unclear at this time. Suspiciously, Watts was found just 120 miles from where two teenage girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams, were murdered last month. The girls went missing after going on a hike near the Monon High Bridge along the Delphi Historic Trails. Their bodies were later found 60 feet from the creek. The suspect in their murders is still at large, but Williams had taken a photo of the man and recorded him saying, "Down the hill," on her cell phone prior to her death.

Anyone with information regarding Watts's death is asked to call 812-376-2600. Her autopsy is tentatively scheduled for Monday.

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