Jury cheers as thugs who buried blind dog alive after driving nail into its head are sentenced

A courtroom erupted in cheers as two men were given four month prison sentences in a shocking case of animal cruelty.

Richard Finch, 60, and Michael Heathcock, 59, were convicted after they were found guilty of burying a dog alive, only after the pair had driven a nail into a blind and deaf animal's head.

The men both received lifetime bans from animal ownership as the case ignited protests inside and outside the courtroom.

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As the men were delivered their sentences, people in the stands reportedly cheered and embraced at the news. A woman allegedly shouted across the court room, "Rot in hell you scumbags" as the men were led away.

The 16-year-old terrier was found buried alive in a makeshift grave in North Yorkshire, England.

Reports say the animal had suffered blows to the head repeatedly judging from wounds.

A walker discovered the animal after hearing "grunting," but the dog shortly died after being taken it was taken to the vet.

A photo of the X-ray surfaced showing the nail lodged into the pet's head.

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Both admitted serving different roles in the dog's brutal death. Heathcock pleaded guilty to driving a nail into the dog's head last week at Teesside Magistrates' Court, and Finch admitted to assisting in the murder.

Chairwoman Frances Linsley said during the sentencing: "This was a barbaric act which was premeditated and caused untold suffering to this defenseless dog."

Heathcock says he had owned the pet for 15 years, but felt killing it was "the right thing to do" to put the disabled, elderly dog out of its misery.

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He later told inspectors:"Well, a dog pooing and urinating all over the house, you know, something had to be done."

The dog went limp and they thought it was dead, he said. Scamp was then thrown into a hole.

Both Finch and Heathcock have since reportedly been targeted by masked vigilantes, who allegedly smashed Heathcok's window.

Reports say locals have also dubbed Heathcock "public enemy number one" on their estate.