Vegas odds: Trump won't finish full term as president


President Trump's chances of finishing his first term are being tracked by Bovada, and the oddsmaker has not been kind to him.

Under their U.S. politics section, Bovada has a running proposition bet with odds on whether Trump will complete a full term as president of the United States. The odds that were updated Feb. 28 favored Trump's leaving office early -- as opposed to finishing a complete term as president.

The latest line is: "Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS? Yes: -105, No: -130

That means, if you placed a $105 bet on Trump to remain in the White House, you'll only earn back $100. If it's the other way around (10/13), and you wager $130, you'd take home $100.

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Back in early February, Trump's odds of lasting through his full first term were much higher, when the answer to the same "Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?" question produced Bovada's odds of Yes: -275 (4/11) and No: +180 (9/5).

To put things in perspective, as of Friday, March 3, Bovada had Trump with the same odds of not finishing his first term in office as the Golden State Warriors' odds of winning the 2017 championship.

The Golden State Warriors broke the NBA's best ever regular-season record last year when they went 73–9. They went on to lose the championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers.