State Trooper introduces 'turn signal' to drivers in viral PSA

A state trooper in Indiana recently made a video PSA about a very important matter.

In the segment, Sgt. John Perrine gives an in-depth, yet hilarious, tutorial on the turn signal, detailing where in the car it is located and how to use it.

At the top of the instructional and informative video, he notes, "The auto industry has made incredible advancements in technology and safety on vehicles. But what if I told you that there's a feature on every car that is standard that will not only help prevent crashes but also help prevent road rage?"

Using his own cruiser as an example, he points to the lever and comments, "There's this stick that comes's called a turn signal. If you push it down...on the front of your car it starts making a light indicates that you're going to turn to the left."

He continues by offering detailed instructions on how to signal an intention to turn or merge to the right.

The video, which was posted to Facebook, has proven wildly popular for both its humor and valuable message.

Sgt. Perrine says he will likely make more tutorials in the future.