Alligator proudly trots golf course with massive lunch of fish in its jaws

A boasful looking gator was spotted trotting across a Florida golf course with a its seafood lunch clenched proudly in its jaws.

Norma Respess and her friends were enjoying a day on the Seven Springs Golf and County Club in Trinity on Thursday when the reptile came strutting by.

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In its mouth was a fish nearly length of its own body.

Luckily for the internet, Respess was there to record the event on video.

"My brother and his wife were in and we're all golfers we were on the 10th hole," Respess explained to "There is a pond on one side and other side there is another body of water.

"My brother said look there's a gator. Behind you."

Indeed, one of Florida's famous reptiles was there behind Respess, but it wasn't your typical Sunshine State scene.

"We said. 'What is in the gator's mouth?' Looked big enough to be a seagull. We didn't know what it was," she said.

Thinking fast, Respess said she ran to the golf cart to fetch her phone and record the scene. As the gator made its way from one pond to the next, the critter in it's jaws was revealed.

"We think it was a carp," said Respess. "It was so big."

Like most folks, Respess had a healthy fear of the alligator and recorded the scene from behind a tree just to be safe.

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But even she could applaud its catch of the day.

"I'm glad you got the fish," she said in her video.