Student nearly dies due to alleged peanut butter hazing

BYLINE: Matt Hoffman

A college student was nearly killed in a frat hazing because of a peanut allergy.

His mother, Teresa Seely, has gone public with the story.

Seely posted on Facebook that her son Andrew was a student at Central Michigan University last fall.

She says Alpha Chi Rho fraternity members spread peanut butter on Andrew's face while he was passed out which put him in danger due to his allergy.

Andrew went to a health clinic and thankfully survived. He later transferred to another school.

Detroit station WDIV spoke to the Alpha Chi Rho member responsible who said it was "just a joke" and that he didn't know Andrew was allergic.

CMU denied the frat official recognition in 2011 due to other hazing incidents.

WDIV reports that its petition to be reinstated was suspended following this new allegation.

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