4-year-old boy hilariously runs away from girl during wrestling competition

It was a confusing beginning to a children's wrestling match when, instead of fighting the good fight, the 4-year-old ran from his opponent.

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Isaiah, 4, was competing in his second-ever wrestling match in Pennsylvania when he was put head-to-head with Morgan, 5.

After the pair shook hands and prepared to grapple, Isaiah took off running from the little girl.

Confused, Morgan ran after him, and the pair ran around the court several times before Morgan was able to pin the boy down, and win the match.

"When I asked him why he ran, he said, 'I don't know, but I am so silly, mommy,'" his mother, Alexis Salyers told InsideEdition.com. "The crowd loved him and he was so excited."

Since she posted the December video on her Instagram, it's clear her followers were excited about his reaction too.

"He has not done this since," Salyers joked. "He has had matches since and has done very well winning several."

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She explained wrestling has always been a part of Isaiah's life. He grew up around his stepdad's stories of wrestling in college.

"When Isaiah was 3, he told me he wanted to be the next Logan Stieber," she said. "He loves wrestling, and we are so happy for him."

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