Viral photo shows strangers bonding over a bottle of wine found on the subway

New York City is the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams and the city of finding a bottle of wine under your seat on the subway and sharing it, apparently.

That last part is new. A tweet about a precious moment between strangers went viral this week:

Colleen Hagerty shared a photo she took Saturday night on a No. 6 train.

She told her Twitter followers that a bottle of wine rolled out from under a seat, and one of the men grabbed it. The other man reportedly found a liquor bottle under the seat as well.

Hagerty believes the drink was either sparkling wine or champagne. People have been sharing their favorite New York moments with her since she shared the photo.

"I think that's what New Yorker is all about. You meet someone on the train, find a bottle of wine and make friends," one rider told WPIX.

Some onlookers were not so impressed.

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