Performers dance on a glass skywalk thousands of feet in the air

In honor of the rape flower festival, dancers preform on a glass skywalk above a chasm in Yueyang, Hunan Province of China. Surrounded by rape flowers, the dancers preform a traditional sleeve dance for tourists and onlookers. Sleeve dances have long been a part of Chinese theatre and the arts. The movement of the fabric serves as an extension of the arm and adds a beautiful fluidity to the skilled dancer's routine. The performance brings old and new together by bringing dance to the daredevil skywalks that have been drawing crowds all over China.

The vibrant yellow flower can be found from the Daping Mountain to the Dingtang Village. While the name of these flowers may be alarming to some, you may be surprised to learn that these flowers are in your very own kitchen.

The rape flower is also known as the rapeseed or colza plant. The seeds of the plant are then used to make rapeseed oil, or the more widely known product, canola oil.

Due to warmer weather, the flowers have bloomed early this year.