Poor hawk who got stuck in car's grille had to be euthanized

A female red-tailed hawk who got stuck in the grille of a Honda SUV tragically had to be euthanized on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

The bird had been flying in the Milford area near Interstate 495 on Saturday when it suddenly swooped low, crashing into the vehicle.

The driver of the car pulled into a nearby gas station to assess the damage, and quickly learned the situation was more serious than she'd imagined.


Heeding her call for help, the Milford Police Department rushed to the scene and, with the help of bystanders, tried to pull the hawk safely.

Unfortunately, they were not equipped to handle the sharp-beaked, large-taloned avian creature.

Soon after, the fire department arrived and, with the aide of gloves and a thick blanket, successfully freed the bird.

The hawk, which they named Hermione, was taken to an area animal rescue to be examined.

The Milford police shared an update on its Facebook page on February 26, saying that the bird was "struggling, but hanging in there."

"Veterinarians plan to sedate the bird on Monday to perform a more thorough examination and try to determine if she has a broken leg or internal injuries" the department wrote. "We are hopeful she makes a full recovery and can be returned to her home in Milford soon."

After the bird was examined at a wildlife clinic at Tufts University's Cummings Veterinary Medical Center in Grafton, it was determined she had suffered serious eye injuries, as well as fractures to both wings and her tail.

Seeing as the poor hawk could no longer see or stand, veterinarians made the decision to put her out of her misery on Tuesday.

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