Pancake day wouldn't be complete without a pancake race

Pancake day wouldn't be complete without a pancake race

This Tuesday marked national pancake day, and what better way to celebrate the delicious flap-jack but with a race. No this isn't a marathon where the finishers enjoy a fresh stack of pancakes when they cross the finish line. This race marries the sport of running with the deliciousness of the pancake. Competitors run a 415m dash while consistently flipping their pancakes.

The origins of the race remain unknown but a common story is told about a woman who happened to be cooking a pancake when she heard the church bells ring for the penance service -- which takes place the night before Lent begins -- and left her home so quickly she brought the frying pan with her.

Since then Londoner's and now some Americans celebrate the day before lent with some pancake-flipping fun. The London race takes place at the Guildhall yard where 24 teams compete while dressed in ceremonial robes or costumes.

For those not celebrating pancake day you may take part in some other sweet related activities while taking part in Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and Shrove Tuesday activities.

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