Oscars 'Gary from Chicago' just released from prison sentence for attempted rape


During the Academy Awards on Sunday, the world was introduced to "Gary from Chicago," a tourist bussed in to the ceremony. He quickly garnered a fan base online, which inevitably led to the uncovering of his story.

Gary, full name Gary Coe, was released from prison just two days before coming on the Oscars. A person claiming to be Roe spoke to the Chicago Tribune the day after. He said that he and his fiancé, Vickie, were standing on Hollywood Boulevard when they were asked if they wanted to go on a free sightseeing tour.

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They reportedly had no idea they were actually going to the ceremony. "When they opened the door, we were in the Oscars live," he said.

According to California's Megan's Law website, Coe's offense was attempted rape.

Credit: meganslaw.ca.gov

Public defender Karen Nash shared to Facebook that Coe was sentenced for stealing perfume.

According to ABC7, who interviewed Coe, he met his fiancé and religion in prison. "Change is possible," he told ABC7. "It's a sad day to be in prison for 20 years and not be able to be a dad, granddad to your children."