NASA shares mind-bending new photos of Jupiter

By: Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

It's an exciting time for space travel!

With President Trump's plan to focus on exploration and Elon Musk's announcement to send two people to the moon by next year we really couldn't ask for anything more.

But now, NASA is feeding our hunger for the unknown with stunning images of Jupiter's atmosphere.

However, it's not the raw images of the swirling atmosphere that has people talking, it's the user-submitted remixes NASA is calling Jovian art.

An image of Jupiter's eye looks almost like a painting out of the Renaissance! User Roman Tkachenko adjusted the color to highlight the ammonia-and-water clouds.

Others have also joined in on the fun, creating whimsical art out of the gaseous planet.

One user even created her own "Starry Night."

NASA's solar-powered probe Juno has been exploring our solar system's largest planet and its moons since July.

See photos from Juno's landing: