White House reportedly implements random phone searches amid leaks

Byline: Aaron Dickens

The White House has reportedly boosted security measures in the midst of the recent onslaught of leaks and just days after President Donald Trump voiced his frustrations regarding leaks coming from his administration.

Politico reports information was allegedly leaked directly from a meeting attended by roughly a dozen members of Press Secretary Sean Spicer's staffers.

Twitter reacts to the White House barring multiple news outlets from gaggle
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Twitter reacts to the White House barring multiple news outlets from gaggle
Congratulations to @AP and @TIME for boycotting today’s White House gaggle in protest of exclusion of other media.
NYT, LA Times, WA Post, and Politico denied entry to WH gaggle. Breitbart, OAN, and WA Times allowed in. Censorship. It is Nothing Less.
Can we have a round of applause for the AP and Time magazine which boycotted Sean Spicer gaggle after the NYT, WP and CNN were barred.
Reporters from The Times, CNN and Politico were not allowed into today's Sean Spicer press briefing. Wow! Too far.
If you aren't alarmed that the White House refused CNN, BBC, & others from attending today's press briefing, you aren't paying attention.
A taxpayer funded WH just went out of its way to exclude outlets from a press briefing. This is as close to violating free press as it gets.
Can’t remember any press secretary from Clinton, Bush or Obama canceling briefing and handpicking small group for gaggle. @PressSec
Daily press briefing moved to off-cam gaggle in @PressSec office. Reporters who were not approved entry being turne… https://t.co/5AuEDVBlPA
Banning media orgs from WH briefing = crossing the line between disturbing rhetoric on press and concrete efforts to curb their work.
Good job @seanspicer. Why would we let media who hate us have access to @POTUS? Time to take a stand. https://t.co/8vJE2xENNI

Now Spicer is reportedly cracking down on security, already holding another meeting and checking his staffers' phones.

What he reportedly found could be a violation of the Federal Records Act. According to the Hill, staff were using apps that deleted texts automatically.

According to Politico, Spicer had no comment on the alleged new security measures.

The new measures come days after Spicer denied access to a press briefing to top media outlets including the New York Times, CNN, and POLITICO.

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