The internet is disturbed over how Donald Trump takes his steak

It's far been established that President Trump likes his steak well done, but another food preference of his has recently been revealed.

On Saturday night, the president reportedly had a "secret" dinner with Nigel Farage, his daughter, Ivanka and others:

They went to BLT Steakhouse in Washington D.C.'s Trump Hotel. According to a report by the Independent Journal Review that cited an anonymous waiter, "The President ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with catsup as he always does."

Food news site Eater obtained the menu for BLT Steakhouse, where the New York strip is $54:

Credit: Eater

Upon learning this tidbit about the president, social media backlash was immediate:

Social reactions to Trump's steak order
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Social reactions to Trump's steak order
Trump eats his steak well done and with ketchup. #NotMyPresident
Trump puts ketchup on his steak?!? Ugggghhhh.
Trump supporters dnt believe in seasoning their food and eat their steak w ketchup but somehow think they're the superior race?
Trump eats his steak well done with ketchup. Move to impeach.
@hels Of course Trump® eats steak with ketchup. All good Republicans always eat their vegetables. ;)
"Psst...Trump orders steaks well done with ketchup. Pass it down"
obama eats a burger with dijon mustard:fox news goes crazy trump eats steak well done w/ ketchup:silence 'fair and balanced'? i think not 🤔🤔
This is easily the most offensive thing he's done... #trump

Whether this "anonymous waiter" is actually right, though, is hearsay as of now.

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