The Atlantic releases a 'timeline of your life' based on your birthday

On Monday, The Atlantic released a timeline that shows you how much the world has changed since you were born. Called the "Life Timeline," you can enter your birthdate and see what cultural and political events have occurred throughout your life.

The publication celebrates its 160th birthday this year, and many of the timeline events are linked to Atlantic articles. Depending on your age, you'll see 10-13 events with themes such as "before you were born" and "when you became a teenager."

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According to NeimanLab, the project took several months to put together and go through the Atlantic archives. The team used Mechanical Turk for fact-checking.

The Atlantic staff will continue to update the Life Timeline and respond to reader feedback. "Whether you consider it a blessing or a curse, you're living through interesting times," deputy director Matt Thompson said. "And you've already lived through enough to fill history books."