Workers make shocking find below McDonald's in Italy

A recently opened McDonald's in Italy is offering its Big Macs with a side of history.

Running beneath the fast food outpost is a preserved section of an ancient roadway, skeletons and all, reports the New York Times.

The paved thoroughfare was discovered in 2014 as the ground was being cleared to make way for a new McDonald's in Frattocchie.

It's said to date back to roughly 200 B.C. and offered access to the Appian Way, a well-traveled path that stretched between Rome and the southern reaches of Italy, notes The Telegraph.

The excavation and restoration were overseen by Rome's Superintendency for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, but McDonald's footed the roughly $300,000 bill.

Archaeologists, in addition to finding wheel tracks still pressed into the stone, unearthed the skeletal remains of 3 male individuals.

While those were removed for further study, they were replaced with replicas.

Those wanting to take a stroll along the historic road can do so without even entering the restaurant as it located beneath the franchise and is accessible from the parking lot.

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