An Arizona teacher was fired after her school read what she said about immigrants

Bonnie Godin Verne, a third-grade teacher at a private school in Scottsdale, Arizona, has left her teaching position after school administrators were directed to her Twitter.

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In a letter sent home to parents, Pardes Jewish Day School called her a "veteran teacher with twelve years of exemplary service and was appreciated by parents and students alike." On the internet, however, Verne called for the murder of illegal immigrants, writing "Why deport? Just kill them" and "We can put a bullet in their head immediately," according to Phoenix 12 News.

She wasn't limited to one group. She hated Muslims, too. "They have 1 right and that is to STFU and go back to their holes," she wrote in a post screencapped by users and submitted to 12NEWS. "You must want to be raped by a Muslim!" she wrote in another tweet.

Bonnie's original twitter account (@bonnieyuma) has been locked.

"The leadership at our school deeply respects the rights of all citizens [...] to express their views, regardless of their political perspectives. However, with that right comes responsibility not to make hateful comments," Pardes Jewish Day School writes.

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