Who is Melania Trump's older sister? Inside the life of the first lady's confidante


As Melania Trump takes her first small steps into her role as first lady, she's reportedly relying on the advice of her big sister.

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Her sister, 48-year-old Ines Knauss, lives just two blocks from Melania, 46, in Manhattan and is said to be her closest confidante and best friend.

Ines served as maid-of-honor to Melania when she married Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2005.

They were born in the small town of Novo Mesto, Slovenia, before moving with their family to Sevnica, which has a population of 5,000.

As teenagers, they moved to the capital city, Ljubljana, to attend an art school, the Secondary School for Design and Photography.

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After school, the sisters left to start fashion careers in Milan, Italy, where photographer Jarl Ale De Basseville met them. He told Inside Edition that he remembered Ines well.

"She was really nice," he recalled. "She was really humble. She was simple."

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