Russian flags waved, confiscated during President Trump's CPAC remarks

Trump told CPAC attendees on Friday that it's time to "stand up for the American flag," but a different red, white and blue flag was seen in the audience during the president's remarks.

According to multiple sources, people were seen waving Russian flags with "TRUMP" written on them. The flags were then confiscated by CPAC staff.

"A section of people in the back of #CPAC2017 waving Russian flags -- a staffer just came and demanded they all be handed over," says POLITICO's Tim Alberta.

The flag display comes after former national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned amid reports that he had discussed sanctions with Russian officials. The wave of reports that Russia hacked the 2016 election have also sparked continued questions around the Trump administration's potential ties to Russia.

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"Flags just distributed at CPac. Russia anyone?," wrote Kylie Morris.

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The FBI on Friday reportedly rejected a White House request to debunk stories about alleged communications between Russian operatives and people within President Trump's inner circle.