Ted Cruz predicts another Supreme Court vacancy this summer


The Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is in full swing and among Thursday's features was an interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

During his time on the stage, Cruz predicted that, come summertime, there will be another Supreme Court seat up for grabs.

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He noted, "This summer, I think we'll have another Supreme Court vacancy."

Cruz further commented, "If that happens, as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full Armageddon meltdown."

He also referred to the Democratic base as, "bat crap crazy."

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Insults aside, there was little clarity about that part of the interview.

Cruz didn't elaborate on his vision of the near future and the interviewer did not to push for an explanation, notes Time.

Inquiries from a number of media outposts have gone largely unanswered.

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