Savannah State becomes first HBCU to win National Cheerleading Award

The Savannah State University cheerleading squad made history on Sunday when they became the first Historically Black College and University to win the National Cheerleading Award.

This Georgia-based cheerleading squad featuring 12 women and one man was able to earn the first-place title at the the CheerSport Nationals in Atlanta.

It's the first time this has happened in the championship's 24-year history.

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"We are very excited, ecstatic, just a feeling that you can't explain," SSU Senior Cheerleader Morgan Moore told WJCL. "It's indescribable, it's just a great feeling to know that we've made history at our school."

"We have a lot of great members on this squad and a great program," Moore continued. "We just wanted to make sure to better it, improve it and make it the best we can, it's just a great achievement for our squad and our school."

This was the university's first appearance at the national championship since 2013.

The team's only male cheerleader, Dathan Gooden, mirrored Moore's excitement in remarks to WJCL following the event.

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"We didn't know about it until like the last minute and thought about it when they were presenting the award," said Gooden. "And we were just like, oh, we are really, the first HBCU to win this, so we were very, very proud of that."

Several cheerleaders within the team took to social media to share and celebrate their success.

Actress Gabrielle Union -- the captain of the all-black cheerleading team in the film, "Bring It On" -- also to took to Twitter to give the team a shoutout.