Man travels hours every day to bring water to thirsty animals


The wild animals that inhabit Kenya's Tsavo West National Park have a hero -- and his name is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua.

The local pea farmer-turned-activist drives hours every day in a rented truck to deliver desperately needed water to the park's bone-dry watering holes.

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The area has been struggling with an extreme drought, so when Mwalua rolls in with his truck -- stocked with thousands of gallons of water -- the elephants, buffalo, antelope and zebras all come running to greet him.

Sometimes, he even finds hundreds of animals waiting just for him.

"When I arrived they could smell the water. The buffalo were so keen and coming close to us," he told The Dodo of a recent delivery.

Mwalua poses next to his truck. (Photo credit: GoFundMe)

The kindhearted delivery man connected with two Americans, Cher Callaway and Tami Calliope, to set up a GoFundMe page that's currently raised over $150,000 to help cover the cost of the water service.

Mwalua also runs a group called Tsavo Volunteers and visits local schools to talk to children about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Mwalua is determined to get his own water truck and continue helping the wild animals he loves so much.

"If we don't help them, they will die" Mwalua told The Dodo.

If you want to help the animals of Tsavo West National Park, you can contribute here.

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