Lost and found ad for Paul Ryan posted to Craigslist

Many representatives and senators have been tough to get a hold of these days, and it appears House Speaker Paul Ryan is among them.

Some of his constituents in Wisconsin are understandably concerned, and, in hopes of pinning down Ryan's whereabouts, have posted a lost and found notice to Madison's Craigslist.

It includes some very sporty photos of Ryan and reads, "We are trying to locate our lost Congressman from Janesville. He is a yuge fan of working out in the House of Representatives gymnasium, penning Ayn Rand fanfiction and lecturing poor people on the advantages of being born into wealth."

It continues, "We had been planning on having an intervention at his recess town hall meetings, because seems to be addicted to power, but he fled sometime in and around January 20, 2017 and hasn't been seen since. We heard a rumor he was seen raising money in Corpus Christie, Texas as late as Monday, February 20. He answers to the name 'Paul.'"

At this time, it is unclear if the posters have made any progress in finding their missing congressman.

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