Chelsea Clinton shares fake news story about mom adopting 'alien baby'

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to share a fake news story from the "good old days."

Though many would believe the fake news phenomenon first erupted during the 2016 presidential election, Clinton reminds Twitter that fake news is not a new problem, recalling a time when the now frowned-upon hoax stories used to be more fun.

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In epic Twitter fashion, she recalled an absurd news story in particular that spread an extraterrestrial lie about her family decades ago.

Clinton tweeted that she had "forgotten about [her] alien siblings from the early 90s," referencing a cover story in the Weekly World News -- a tabloid magazine that was notorious for its false screaming covers.

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This cover that was headlined, "Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby," featured her mother, Hillary Clinton, holding a large-headed alien-like baby.

"Oh the good old days when fake news was about aliens," Clinton pined with a digital side eye.

Founded in 1979, The Weekly World News was just one of many largely-fictional news tabloids published in the United States during Clinton's childhood. It built a name for its satirical approach to news and represented the extremes of attention-grabbing tactics often exercised by checkout-counter magazines at the time.

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But in addition to taking a look down memory lane, Clinton revived the headline to promote an event that will be hosted by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group on March 1.

The event, entitled "The Future of News in a Hyperconnected World," intends to explore the growth and impact of fake news in today's society and potential ways to remedy the issue.