Why some people want to replace the Easter Bunny

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

You've heard of the Easter bunny. But what about the bilby?

Folks Down Under are trying to make the big eared, pointy-nosed marsupial a household name worldwide, and associate the native bilby with the holiday.

Because in Australia, the bunny is a pest.

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They were brought to Sydney over two centuries ago.

Besides destroying crops, they've pushed the bilbies out of their burrows.

Now there are only an estimated 600 left in the west and central deserts of Australia, according to the Huffington Post.

But there are plenty of chocolate bilbies on the springtime candy shelves, thanks to Haigh's Chocolates.

Some of the money will go towards helping the endangered animals.

The candy company made the first chocolate Easter Bilby over twenty years ago.

Since then, groups like Rabbit-Free Australia have been backing the animal as the face of Easter.

One of their key messages is promoting "bilbies not bunnies."

Since bilby numbers are dwindling, backers hope the raising their profile during the holiday will help save them.

But what would Americans think of eating a bilby over a bunny?

Chocolate's chocolate!

That's my answer, at least.