Swedish politician proposes taking paid 'sex breaks' at work

It's been proposed that in lieu of a daily lunch break, Swedes should take an hour paid break to go home and get frisky!

The 'sex break' proposal for Swedish employees was the idea of a city councillor for a small town in northern Sweden, according to a report from CNN Turk.

Studies show sex is healthy, he told news agency AFP, but couples these days don't spend enough time with each other.

The idea is that couples will have better relationships after their daily love sessions.

The city councillor can't think of a reason why the motion wouldn't pass, but he does understand the obvious concern from your boss.

Meaning, there's no way to really know employees aren't using their hour for other things.

Although, bed head would be a dead giveaway.

Other parliamentary members were laughing as the idea was presented, according to a Swedish newspaper, but the man with the plan was totally serious, saying it will help get the population up in the small town.

I guess workers should get busy during the day, otherwise they might get laid off.