Man puts on Bruno Mars flash mob to propose at Mardi Gras parade

A surprise flash mob was already shocking enough for this Texas woman, but she had no idea her boyfriend, who was leading the whole routine, was going to drop down to one knee by the end of the song.

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Josh Galloway, 26, of Galveston rushed into the route of the annual Mardi Gras parade with more than 10 of his friends in a surprise flash mob in front of friends and family.

What started as an upbeat rendition of "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, quickly transitioned to the popstar's other hit, "Marry You."

And, on cue, as the song played the words, "I think I want to marry you," Galloway dropped down to one knee in front of his girlfriend of three years, Wendy Hernandez.

"She had no idea, she was just cheering us on," Galloway told "Luckily, it didn't turn out too bad."

He said he started planning his proposal more than three months ago. He got together with a group of friends, and they immediately suggested they all get involved with a flash mob.

Although Galloway wasn't a trained dancer, he and his friends figured out the choreography slowly, and decided the Mardi Gras parade was the best place to show off their routine.

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"We do it every year as a family," he said. "We park our trailers up there, and make it an all-day event."

Galloway said he made sure they secured a good spot, and the moment the parade started, he rushed into the route, knowing floats wouldn't reach their group for several more minutes.

And, if it's any indication of his success, she said yes.

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