Man burns neighbors house down trying to get moles out of yard

And you thought YOUR neighbors were obnoxious.

A poor attempt at a controlled blaze quickly spiraled into a house fire in Riverview, Missouri, on Monday afternoon -- and it all started with a few pesky moles.

Michael Mitchell and Darien Finley told WNEP they were driving down the street around 1 p.m. when they noticed a frantic man waving his arms for help.

Upon noticing the fire, the two men stopped their vehicle to help, grabbing buckets of water and throwing them on the flames.

Unfortunately, within minutes, the blaze had spread to the front and back yard of the home, setting a neighboring home on fire in the process.

See photos of the house:

Finley ran to the front door of the home and alerted the resident, Mark Huey, that his home had caught fire.

According to Huey, the fire initially started when a neighbor was trying to burn moles out of his yard.

The Riverview Fire Chief told WNEP that Monday's dry and windy conditions were the reason for the fire's rapid spreading -- it was already in three backyards, one front yard and a house when they arrived.

They added that this story is a good reminder to always call your local fire department before attempting a controlled burn.

Huey said that he's just happy his family escaped the ordeal unharmed.

The same probably cannot be said for the moles.