Half-eaten shark found on beach leaves beachgoers with questions

A half-eaten sea shark that washed up on a beach in Florida Saturday left people with a puzzling question -- what mysterious ocean beast could possibly be big enough to do that?

A Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue lifeguard shared a photo of the poor, dead creature.

Beach Safety spokeswoman Tammy Morris told News 4 Jax that the shark was "definitely" eaten by a bigger fish. She guessed it was either a blacktip or spinner shark.

"There's always a bigger fish." #blacktip #shark #notcatchandrelease #becauseitsdead #jawsjokehere

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Quite a few great white sharks have been spotted off the Florida coast in the past few months, according to Florida wildlife officials. One of them was a 14-foot shark named Katherine.

Morris said that finding a half-eaten shark on the beach is odd, but it has happened before.

According to Fox 13 News, officials said the shark might have been about 5-feet long.

How big is the beast that gobbled it up, though? Hopefully, we will never know.