Bull on the run! Cow leads police on hours-long chase to escape slaughterhouse


It was a regular running of the bulls in New York Tuesday as a cow led NYPD officers on a low-speed chase for hours.

Police followed the black bull as he ran through residential and busy streets in Queens, even chasing some people in the process, according to reports.

NYPD reportedly managed to corner the bull in the back yard of a house for an hour before he broke free again, according to reports.

The animal escaped from a slaughterhouse on Jamaica Avenue earlier in the morning, according to reports.

"I'm usually not a witness to this stuff but I'm on my way into the office and a f*cking cow that has gotten loose comes down the street and walks right pass me," wrote one Instagram user of the standoff.

The animal was eventually caught in someone's backyard and its legs were tied to keep it immobile, according to reports.

And this isn't the first time a bull has escaped from the same slaughterhouse.

A cow named Freddie escaped once before and was later taken to an animal sanctuary, as well as bull named Frank who also ran away and was eventually transferred to a safe haven by Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey.