Japanese town of Oji has adorable puppy drone as their mascot

By Jose Sepulveda, Buzz60

Japan knows what's up. Not only are they at the forefront of technology, but they also know how to make people happy and attract tourists.

Yakimaru is a flying puppy drone that has stolen the hearts of the people of Oji, a Japanese town west of Tokyo.

Yakimaru is a quadcopter, like most drones, and was introduced in a video promoting the town where the little cutie flies around visiting various sites and attractions.

As legend has it, Yakimaru belonged to a historic Japanese figure called Prince Shotoku who lived during the seventh century. When the prince's beloved pet pup died, he buried him in the town's Daruma Temple.

The puppy's legs move as if he were floating on a cloud, like a ghost puppy, and has the cutest little smile.

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Yaki is really popular and the costumed character has been making appearances all over the place, including a Panasonic commercial.

The great thing about this puppy is that it doesn't bark when you don't want it to and you don't have to pick up any doggy poop, making man's best friend even better!