21-year-old man cremated in giant Lego brick

Losing a loved one is never easy, but they'd always want you to remember their bright personality and sense of humor. A family of a 21-year-old man had that very intention when choosing his coffin.

Reddit user helypants shared the coffin for the deceased, Jordan McCole:

"If you've lost a loved one, please know that you have options to say goodbye outside of the norm," they wrote. "Options to express personality and humor of the one you've lost."

"Today, we said goodbye to a 21-year-old man in a Lego brick."

McCole was helypant's boyfriend's cousin. He suffered leukemia, but according to helypants, "He wouldn't want to be defined by his condition. It wasn't him. He'd rather we remember him for his love of food, sense of mischief, wanderlust and Lego obsession."

McCole, then, was cremated in a Lego brick as opposed to a traditional coffin. His parents chose this because they believe "goodbyes don't have to be negative."

This is similar to a practice done in Ghana, where people are often buried in a casket shaped to represent something they loved.

Check out some of those coffins:

McCole's family started an online fundraiser in his memory. Proceeds go to The Christie, a charity for cancer research and patients.