NASA announces news conference to reveal 'discovery beyond our solar system'


NASA announced a major upcoming press conference to reveal "a discovery beyond our solar system."

The media event is set for Wednesday and will unveil new findings on exoplanets -- planets that orbit stars other than our sun.

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The secrecy surrounding the announcement has some speculating that NASA may be set to reveal the discovery of an exoplanet(s) capable of sustaining life.

NASA has confirmed the existence of 3,449 exoplanets, including 348 who are classified as terrestrial or Earth-like.

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Scientists from around the world will be in attendance to hear the highly anticipated findings first-hand, reports the Independent.

NASA is encouraging viewers to ask questions during the press conference, using the hashtag #askNASA on Twitter. There is also a scheduled Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) following the briefing at 3 p.m. about exoplanets.

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