Man's loan contract from 2012 is going viral now for one tiny detail

One Twitter user's five-year-old contract with his brother has been circulating the internet because of one line.

Judd Markowitz, or @AnarchyNoww, shared the e-mail exchange in a now deleted tweet:

Credit: Twitter

In November 2012, Markowitz borrowed $2,000 from his brother, Ryan. The repayment was reportedly supposed to start in 2018 -- except if some circumstances take place. These include Markowitz losing a limb, the world coming to an end ... or Donald Trump becoming president in 2016.

Markowitz spoke to Ben Tomaiuolo of Popdust about the contract. He commented that he is not a Trump supporter. "I'd rather someone else in office for sure," he said. "I remember we had this contract and I was waiting for him to tell me to start repaying it. I totally forgot what the covenants were."

The caveat was somewhat up for debate, as Trump was inaugurated in 2017 -- and thus not president, technically, in 2016. According to Markowitz, though, his brother knew the intent behind the statement and will not make him repay.

Before Markowitz deleted the tweet, it amassed over 9,000 retweets.

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