Kim Jong Nam murder: Video shows moment Kim Jong Un's brother is attacked

Video released Monday appears to show the moment that Kim Jong Nam was attacked and killed in a Malaysian airport.

The video, first aired by a Japan's Fuji TV, was shot by security cameras inside Kuala Lumpur airport.

It shows a woman coming up behind a man, believed to be Kim, putting her arms over him and apparently pulling something across his face.

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Kim, the estranged half-brother of North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un, is then seen talking with airport security personnel, before attending an airport medical clinic.

He was taken from the airport by ambulance after the incident on Feb. 13, but died on the way to hospital.

Malaysian police believe that he was poisoned, and South Korea has said it believes the killing was carried out by North Korean agents.

The killing has set off a diplomatic spat between Malaysia and North Korea. Pyongyang's ambassador has said it will refuse to accept the results of a Malaysian police investigation into Kim's death, accusing authorities of "colluding with outside forces" — a veiled reference to rival South Korea.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has recalled its ambassador from Pyongyang for consultations, and summoned the North Korean ambassador in the country to explain the allegations.

Here's what else we know about the case so far:

  • Two women are alleged to have approached Kim in the airport while he was waiting for a flight and used needles, spray or a chemical-soaked cloth to poison him before fleeing in a taxi. Kim managed to make it to a desk to ask for help but died before reaching the hospital.

  • Late Friday, Malaysian police arrested a North Korean man in connection with the death. They identified him as Ri Jong Chol, 46.

  • That brought the total number of arrests to four.

  • In addition to the North Korean man, two women who are alleged to have carried out the attack — a 28-year-old with Vietnamese travel documents and a 25-year-old with Indonesian documents — have been arrested.

  • A 26-year-old Malaysian man, said by police to be the boyfriend of the Indonesian woman, has been arrested as well.

  • Malaysian police are working with Interpol to locate four more North Koreanssuspected of involvement. They say that the suspects left the country on the day of the incident, but have not yet disclosed where they traveled to.

  • The family of the Indonesian woman, Siti Aishah, says she thought she was going to Malaysia for a prank TV show on which she would surprise people by spraying them with perfume.