Ana Navarro mocks Jared Kushner's media complaints by calling him 'baby boy'

Conservative commentator Ana Navarro went on Twitter to mock President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner after he reportedly complained about the media's coverage of the White House and called her and fellow pundit Van Jones out by name.

On Thursday evening, she tweeted, "Really, Little Jared complaining about me cuz I get under President Daddy-in-Law's skin? Oh, baby boy, I'm so sorry."

Ten minutes later, she wrote, "Little boy Kushner, tough guy who's supposed to achieve Middle East peace, is complaining about me to CNN. Boo-hoo!"

In both posts, she linked to a Wall Street Journal article about Kushner's meeting with Gary Ginsberg, a top executive at Time Warner which owns CNN.

The piece states that "Mr. Kushner has taken issue with specific CNN contributors including Van Jones, a Democrat who served in the Obama administration, and Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, who have each criticized Mr. Trump in harsh terms, the people familiar with the matter said."

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However, the report later notes that a White House official has denied that Kushner singled out any specific commentator.

Jones, meanwhile, has responded by retweeting messages of support and writing Friday morning, "'Got a lotta people tryna drain me of this energy.' :) But y'all know @CNN has our backs. Do you? [Retweet] if yes!"