Trump may be running out of fancy pens


Since his first day in office, President Donald Trump has loved giving away writing utensils.

"I think we're going to need some more pens, by the way," he said on Inauguration Day, which was just four weeks ago.

He handed out several of them after he signed his first executive orders, and recent reports show he may have to slow down with his generosity.

A manager from A.T. Cross Co., the company that makes his expensive, gold-plated pens, told the Associated Press that the White House may be facing a pen deficit.

His office reportedly ordered 350, and noted that they needed them as soon as possible.

Trump signed at least two dozen executive orders during his first few weeks in office, so he's certainly been using quite a few pens.

No one seems to be sure if he's running out of ink, giving them away or just trying to stock up, though.

Trump signed at least two dozen executive orders in his first few weeks in office.

The pens are a presidential tradition, as six people who held the office before him ordered the same custom-made cross pens from the Rhode Island-based company.

The writing utensils sell for $115 a pop, but the distributor says Trump probably gets a discount because he orders them in bulk from a third-party distributor.

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