Creationist debuts bizarre diorama showing giants fighting dinosaurs

A creationist known for building a life-sized Noah's Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky, plans to install a new feature which appears to have giants and dinosaurs alongside humans in a gladiator-style arena, reports the Huffington Post.

Ken Ham, the man behind the project, recently tweeted images of the scene with the message, "Exquisite design by @ArkEncounter artists for new Diorama depicting wicked population in the pre-Flood world to be installed @ArkEncounter."

The Huffington Post points out, "The dinosaur is visible in the far right of the first image, which has a giant on the left apparently about to spear a human."

Ham contends that God made all land animals including dinosaurs and Adam and Eve on the sixth day of creation, stating on the website Answers in Genesis, "The Bible...makes it plain that dinosaurs and people must have lived together."

The new display is in line with his intent behind the $100 million attraction—to warn people about increasingly depraved, secular behavior that he says is punishable by God.