Woman accidentally donates shirt with $8,000 in pocket

A staff member at a California Goodwill store learned the true meaning of the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," when she discovered $8,000 cash in the pocket of a donated shirt.

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The shirt belonged to Bob Hoffman, of Placentia, who had been secretly been stashing away money for the last six years, hoping to surprise his wife with a vacation.

Not knowing his plan, his wife Linda Hoffman tossed the shirt into her pile to Goodwill, which she donated last Tuesday. When Bob realized the shirt was gone two days later, he confessed his plan to Linda, and the pair begged the staff at Goodwill to track down the shirt.

"We get tons of clothes through every day, so it's kind of miraculous we were able to find it," Caitlin Mulvihill, 26, told InsideEdition.com.

Mulvihill, who has been working at the Placentia location for the past three years, said she arrived at work at 7 a.m. last Friday morning, and was immediately told to search for a men's salmon-colored long sleeve shirt.

"Chances were slim, since it was a couple of days ago," Mulvihill said.

The group searched for hours, until out of the corner of her eye, Mulvihill said she spotted a pile of shirts and, "My heart kind of leapt. Okay, maybe this is it."

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Sure enough, she found the shirt, with the $8,000 in cash still sitting safely in the shirt pocket.

"[Linda] was very grateful," she said. "She was just glad I was honest, and glad we were able to find it."