Phillies tweet 'Bridgegate' joke after Chris Christie says they 'suck'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not a fan of Philadelphia's Major League Baseball team.

He made that pretty clear during an appearance on SportsNet New York Wednesday night.

He told the panel, "The Phillies suck. I mean, let's just start with that, ok? They're from Philadelphia, they're an awful team, they're an angry, bitter fan base."

Chris Christie through the years

Christie added, "It's not safe for civilized people to go to Citizens Bank Park if you want to root for the other team."

The Phillies fired back on Twitter by mocking Christie's "Bridgegate" scandal; the tweet read, "We love our fans and appreciate their unwavering support as we 'bridge' to a bright future!"

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The post generated numerous reactions including one which states, "we love the Phillies and can actually cross our bridge as it is always open and welcoming us to the stadium."

And another user wrote back, "This is phenomenal. Well played Phillies....well played. Couldn't be more proud to be a fan."

Even people with no allegiance to the team chimed in, including one person who tweeted, "By no means have I have ever been a Phillies fan, but this is absolutely gold and that social media manager deserves a huge raise."