Most unexpected hobbies of US presidents

Now this might come as a shock, but presidents do more than just lead the free world. Many of them have impressive, unexpected hobbies.

Bill Clinton, for example, loves playing tenor saxophone and has played before in public. He also loves to do crossword puzzles and has written clues for The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Clinton isn't the only musically inclined President. Harry Truman played piano and even told the world that if he had been a better pianist he would never have been president.

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While many presidents count golf among their hobbies, Richard Nixon loved to bowl. He and his wife even had a one-lane bowling alley built in the White House's basement.

George W. Bush has a unique hobby too. He loves to paint.

Much like Corrine from this season's The Bachelor, Abraham Lincoln took naps.

The thirtieth U.S. president, Calvin Coolidge, also loved to take naps, according to Forbes.

Not all presidents had tame hobbies though. Forbes also reported that John Quincy Adams loved to go skinny dipping!

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We wonder what Donald Trump's favorite hobby is, besides Twitter.