Man sets out to find owner of decades-old wedding ring lost on train

When you find something that's clearly a lost possession, you may do the right thing and give it in to a lost and found. What if, though, the item was something you knew was incredibly old and sentimental?

That's the dilemma Joel Landstein faced when he found a wedding ring while riding the Long Island Rail Road.

Landstein was determined to find the rightful owner, and shared the story on Facebook:

"I found a gold wedding band in the Roslyn train station parking lot," he said. "There's an inscription and date on the inside."

The year inscribed on the ring is 1948 -- so he knew it had a history to it. "I would like to get this ring back to the family that lost it," he said. "If you can tell me the inscription and the day and month it belongs to you."

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Landstein posted to Facebook on February 5; on February 16, the official Long Island Rail Road Twitter account shared the story as well:

Local news outlets such as PIX 11 have sent a call out to find the owner as well. As of Thursday, there has not been an update.