Puppy rescued from deep well after 10 days

The rescue of a four-month old puppy from a well in Istanbul on Wednesday, February 15th was among the top trending topics on social media in Turkey.

A team of miners, firefighters and high-school students helped to pull the animal out in Beykoz district.

Screams of joy and triumph emerged at dawn from the top of the well as the puppy was lifted from the pit, footage obtained by Reuters showed.

Night-vision cameras and a hand-made device similar to forceps were used in the operation.

Teams from Turkey's disaster agency AFAD, coal mine workers and Istanbul municipality firefighters were dispatched to rescue the puppy, while high-school students developed a robotic arm to help lift it.

A hashtag of #Kuyu, meaning well in Turkish, was the second nation-wide top trending topic in Twitter.

After a visit to the veterinary clinic, the puppy was brought to Beykoz firefighters headquarters and has been adopted by them.