White House reporter claims Omarosa 'physically' threatened her

April Ryan, who has been a presidential correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks for some time, claimed on Wednesday that Omarosa Manigault, an avid Trump supporter and official, "physically intimidated" and threatened her, according to the Washington Post.

"She stood right in my face like she was going to hit me," Ryan said. "She thought I would be bullied. I won't be."

Ryan added that Omarosa claimed that there were "dossiers" full of information on not only Ryan but other African-American journalists, though Ryan admitted that she did not elaborate on just what kind of information was in said dossiers.

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When Omarosa made that claim, Ryan said that she responded by saying, "Good for you, good for you, good for you."

Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip saw parts of what happened and claimed that it was violent enough that Secret Service should have intervened.

"It's just ugly," Ryan said. "She's trying to harm my integrity and my career. I've been (covering the White House) for 20 years. I plan to be here for the next 20 years. You don't mess with someone's livelihood."

When reached for comment about the incident, Omarosa responded simply with, "My comment: Fake news!"