Rep. Chris Collins: GOP silent on Michael Flynn's resignation because 'it's Valentine's Day'

When CNN's Chris Cuomo questioned why Republican lawmakers have fallen silent in the aftermath of retired General Michael Flynn's resignation as national security adviser on Monday night, Rep. Chris Collins of New York offered a Hallmark-themed response.

"No word from Ryan, no word from McConnell," Cuomo said. "When you have a man of Flynn's stature resign -- and in his own letter said he misled, maybe even lied to other members of the White House, why is everyone so quiet?"

"Well, it's Valentine's Day," Collins said, "and I guess they're having breakfast with their wives."

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not shared any Valentine's Day-themed posts on social media, House Speaker Paul Ryan released a Twitter video on Tuesday morning dedicated to the marriage of former president George H. W. Bush and wife Barbara Bush.

It is possible, as Collins said, that Feb. 14 celebratory happenings are keeping the ranking GOP officials from speaking out on the Trump administration shakeup.

Collins, who served on the Trump transition team executive committee, continued in saying he's sorry to see General Flynn go, but that it's time to move on.

"I do know [Flynn's] very loyal to President Trump. I do know he's a great American," said Collins.

"General Flynn did what he thought was in the best interest of the country. I certainly respect that and I think it's just time to move on."

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Reaction to Michael Flynn's resignation
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Reaction to Michael Flynn's resignation
Michael Flynn has resigned as Trump's national security adviser. KEEP SHOWING UP. Our resistance is working! #WhyIResist
Im sad #MichaelFlynn resigned but at the end President Trump did what he had to do and thats says everything.
Flynn's resignation CANNOT be end of the story. Who talked to who? When? Who knew? When? How far up did it go? How much of dossier true?
Well, not even a month in and the first resignation due to scandal, and I doubt it'll be the last.#MICHAELFLYNN
#Flynngate doesn't bode well for @seanspicer. At all.
If @POTUS knew of #MichaelFlynn and #Russia, then we are a country in crisis now.
Brian Williams goes there: "What did [Trump] know and when did he know it?" #flynn
Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., What goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession... xo Philippe
However welcomed General Flynn's resignation is, remember that President Trump's Russia connections and intentions…

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway also spoke out on the resignation on Tuesday morning, telling NBC's Matt Lauer that Flynn acknowledged "he had become a lightning rod" over his dealings with Russia.

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