Here's why a California woman is suing the candy maker of Mike and Ike

Life may be like a box of chocolates, but when that box is half empty even Forest Gump wouldn't be thrilled.

Neither was a California woman who opened a box of Mike and Ikes only to discover it was half air.

On behalf of half empty box of candy victims everywhere, Time reports the woman is suing the candy manufacturer 'Just Born Quality Confections' for violating California's false advertising law, unfair competition law and the consumers legal remedies act.

The woman purchased a box of Mike and Ikes at a movie theater and, after spending $4, was pretty disappointed to find 46% of the box was filled with air.

According to Time, a spokesperson for Mike and Ike said they plan to defend the company saying their products and label comply with all FDA regulations and provide consumers with the information they need.

Come on, Americans obviously don't read labels. We clearly need pictures and big letters.

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