Woman receives lost package sent to dying father 7 years ago

KDVR -- It was the last thing Susan Branson-Smith ever thought she'd see. "I thought I had just seen a ghost."

She mailed a care package to her dying father Larry, who lived in Las Vegas. She sent it seven years ago. "The postal date when it was shipped originally was January 5th, 2010," she said.

It was not easy being 750 miles from her dying father. "He was my daddy. He was sick and so brave. I knew he was suffering."

The care package she sent was lost in the U.S. Mail. Her father passed away in 2012, "he was in a lot of pain."

Photos of the package:

Daughter opens package she sent to dying father seven years ago
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Daughter opens package she sent to dying father seven years ago

But when, incredibly, the very box Susan mailed to her dad seven years ago was returned, the memories came flooding back, "I almost dropped the box."

But, will she open it? "There needs to be some closure, so, it needs to be opened," she said.

As she took a knife to the box, she struggles to maintain composure.

Once a package, now a time capsule, compelling her to look back into a bittersweet time. "There are pictures of the boys and I at Christmastime, that he'll never get to see." Referring to photos of her and her sons.

Candy bars, peanuts, the sports section from the newspaper, simple items with no value which are priceless to Susan Smith. "This was a gift back to me from my dad."

Very big things can sometimes come in small packages.

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