There was an obvious typo in Trump's official inauguration portrait


US President Donald Trump said he knows the "best words," but the same can't be said for other federal departments.

The Library of Congress recently released the US president's official inauguration portrait — and it has a pretty huge typo on it.

The 8-by-10-inch print was being sold by the Library of Congress on Shopify for $16.95 — but managed to confuse "to" and "too" in the second line.

It should have read "No dream is too big, no challenge is too great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach."


After people began ridiculing the error on Twitter, the Library of Congress deleted the item from its online shop. But the internet never forgets, and an archived version of the Shopify listing can be found here, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

As of press time, the Library of Congress has not started selling an updated, corrected version.

This isn't the first typographical mix-up by the new administration. In January, the newly sworn-in president tweeted a photo of his inauguration — but the date listed was January 21, the day after his inauguration, when millions of people protested against Trump in America and across the world in the "Women's March."

This weekend, the US Department of Education misspelled the name of American author and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois in a tweet — and then misspelled its apology as well, writing "our deepest apologizes" (rather than apologies) in a follow-up tweet.

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