Man spotted swimming dangerously close to lava

A man was caught on camera swimming dangerously close to a lava zone Hawaii's Big Island, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Kawika Singson, a Hawaiian native, was tossed around by aggressive waves like an inanimate object.

This isn't even Singson's first wild experience with lava -- a photo of him getting so close to the substance that it caught his shoes and tripod on fire went viral.

"It's super-heated steam laced with hydrochloric acid from the interaction with the seawater and has shards of volcanic glass," Janet Babb, a geologist, told the newspaper."It's something to be avoided."

That doesn't stop thousands of visitors from around the world from visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to check it out every day.

The bright-orange lava oozes off the edge of a cliff and hits the water, expelling plumes of steam -- and sometimes hurling debris.

Park spokeswoman Jessica Ferracane told FOX News the area can be dangerous.

"Hikers can get close enough that the soles of their shoes get hot," she said. "Also, the area is flanked by hardened lava rock as sharp as glass."

To make matters worse, when the lava touches the ocean, it reacts with the saltwater to create hydrocholoric acid which wafts into the air, Babb said.

It's a beautiful sight -- but you can see it in photos and videos online. Think twice before booking your lava-filled vacation.

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